Friday, August 13, 2010


Baby I'm not sure if this is love.

There it is, there's a point that you could reach and that's the point of emptiness, but emptiness with you surroundings by people, persons. It's like you have him, you have her, you have anyone you want to but you cannot talk to them. None of them just would not understand. They knew you since you were 8 maybe, they knew you for years, but you just cannot talk to them. They wouldn't give the answers of your unimaginably questions. Yes, question with (s), a.k.a. Many questions.

The situation is, she has a boyfriend, she may call him a best friend, but she couldn't talk to him with heart. He just wouldn't understand. The world they're living is separated by line which very bold and no one could break it. She loves him, she needs him, she wants him, she likes him, so much. She wants him to be the first person in every her morning and the last one in every her night, but somehow he doesn't the one that she wants to talk to. She needs the other guy who would understand, by heart.

You know, you have questions, you know the answers, but you need other person to spill it to you. You want them to tell you this and that. Or the simple conclusion is, you don't want to solve it alone. You need partners. Or one is enough, you need a partner.

Are they just dead bodies with no soul but could walk and talk?

Well, is that true that your trusted friend is yourself only?
Your best friend is yourself only?
Then why would us need anybody else?

Guess what I want to say is... please do understand me. Sorry for being too complex. I'm just using difficult words to understand...


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